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De Leon Pharmacy and Sporting Goods 



We sell guns, suppressors, ammo, thermals, scopes

and fishing accessories in De Leon, Texas.

De Leon Pharmacy and Sporting Goods is a leading retailer of thermal optics, sporting goods and accessories. For those looking to acquire Texas shooting supplies we offer a full line of products in a traditional sporting goods store format. We also have an online store that allows you to shop 24/7 with shipping anywhere in the country. Our products include a wide range of goods for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are an avid fisherman and hunter or simply looking for gear to add to your arsenal, we have the equipment for you.

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Image by Maxim Potkin

+ Hunting

Ensure a successful hunt with the right gear. We only carry the products we genuinely believe will make your hunting excursion a success. We don't have all of the novelty gear you'll find in most corporate outlets. Our specialists can tailor advice precisely to your gaming demands, extending from deer to fowl and everything in between. Wherever the hunt takes you, De Leon Sporting Goods carries a wide array of hunting gear — at the best value.
Image by Paul Einerhand

+ Shooting

We possess a vast knowledge of guns. Are you struggling to find the gear you need? At De Leon Pharmacy Sporting Goods, our team of shooting experts are here to provide you the most excellent experience at the best value. We match expertise with an unmatched supply of inventory. When you shop with us you'll know you're next range visit will be the best!
Image by Colter Olmstead

+ Fishing

We cater to the angler who is passionate about fishing, an enthusiast of the trade. Our goal is to offer a line of products our shoppers can stand behind. When you reach into your tackle box, you should expect only the best gear to assist your day on the water. In addition to top-quality equipment, we also offer great prices, quick delivery, and unmatched customer service.


309 S Texas St De Leon, TX 76444 \\ Tel: (254) 893-2666


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DeLeon Sporting Goods
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